Welcome BCBSMA Associates

Consumer Experience (CX) at BCBSMA puts the member at the center of everything we do. We aspire to be a Trusted Ally to our members through personalized navigation and support, modernized product designs that challenge the status quo, and expanded “Blue for Life” membership value via new offerings beyond the core benefits plan.

All associates have a role in bringing this vision to life. CX is not just about our frontline associations responding to phone calls and live chats nor is it solely the digital experience on my MyBlue; rather it’s woven into every interaction a member has with us. CX impacts how a member perceives us when enrolling in a plan, looking for a doctor, or submitting a claim. It’s only by understanding what our members truly want and need that we can design experiences that meet or exceed their expectations, improve their health outcomes, and drive our business outcomes. The BCBSMA CX team is here to help you help you. We provide valuable insights on what our consumers are saying they want and need, how we as a company are performing compared to our competitors, and how employers view our products and services. With both quantifiable metrics and rich qualitative feedback, CX Measurement & Insight (M&I) provides the voice of consumer (VOC) you need to guide the development of products, services, and experiences.
The CX Portfolio Management team brings experience design expertise to your initiatives through techniques including experience audits, journey mapping, service blueprinting, and much more. Working together with cross-functional stakeholders, we lead efforts to identify and prioritize consumer needs and to ultimately turn those needs into functional requirements that drive improved experiences. Through a collaborative, member-first lens, we help get projects on the path to success from both a consumer satisfaction and business outcome perspective. We invite you to reach out to us with any questions and to learn more. Ultimately consumer experience is not just the responsibility of the CX team – all of us at BCBSMA are responsible for creating positive, memorable experience for our members.

Tonya Webster
Chief Consumer Experience Officer

Our Promise to Our Consumers

We are the Trusted Ally

We always pursue better outcomes by powerfully supporting the evolving needs of members and accounts. We deliver quality, affordable, and equitable health care with an unparalleled consumer experience. As a trusted ally, we simplify the experience and direct members to the right care, at the right time, in the right place at the right price.

Activating Enterprise Value


BCBSMA is undergoing a consumer experience transformation to build exceptional experiences for our employees and for the communities we serve. We believe that better consumer experiences leads to better business outcomes, so we deliver:

For our People

Consumer-driven practice

We seek to understand needs before creating solutions. We do this by learning fast and working together to deliver inclusive, meaningful consumer experiences.

For Our Business

Experience-led Profitability

We provide rigor to correlating CX to top and bottom-line growth to provide consumers exactly what they desire without trading profitability and sustainability.

For Our Customers

Exceptional OMNI experiences

We deliver holistic solutions and services that meet our consumers how they need, when they need them.

What is CX?

CX from Past to Present

Our company was founded in 1937 by business, health care, and community leaders who shared a vision of providing access to high-quality, affordable health care. That vision remains strong and relevant today.

Back in the 1930s, Blue Cross of Massachusetts was the first organization of its kind to offer statewide insurance coverage for hospital stays. A few years later, in 1941, a company known as Blue Shield of Massachusetts started offering coverage for doctors' office visits too. And in 1988, the two organizations merged to become Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts. Although much has changed in health care through the years, our commitment to doing what's best for our members has not. It’s still the foundation of everything we do. This rings true in the history of the CX team, where in the last five years, the team has evolved from a small partnership to a broad, dynamic team. In the beginning, the CX Team was focused on educating others in the company on the meaning, and importance, of CX. During this time, they focused on CX Design Mapping to help business leads think though the member’s end-to-end journey. When the M&I and CX teams merged into one consolidated work stream, work focused on implementation of CX initiatives prioritized from consumer testing and research with strategic partners. Through 2021, with the leadership of Tonya Webster, CXO, who brought a focus on agility and sprint workshopping, we began the process of a Business of Experience (BX) transformation to fully align BCBSMA to the consumer’s experience. In our partnership with Accenture, we were able to drive energy behind this process, understand how to use cross-functional teams, and build muscle behind our goals.