BCBSMA Consumer Experience

better consumer experiences lead to better business outcomes

Our vision is to position BCBSMA as THE Trusted Ally for our consumers by advocating, anticipating and over-delivering on their needs.

We are focused on personalized navigation and support, modernized product designs that challenge the status quo, and expanded “Blue For Life” membership value via new offerings beyond the core benefit plan.

Activating Enterprise Value


BCBSMA is undergoing a consumer experience transformation to build exceptional experiences for our employees and for the communities we serve. We believe that better consumer experiences lead to better business and health outcomes outcomes, so we deliver:

For our People

Consumer-driven practice

We seek to understand needs before creating solutions. We do this by learning fast and working together to deliver inclusive, meaningful consumer experiences.

For Our Business

Experience-led Profitability

We provide rigor to correlating CX to our outcome pillars of Consumer Experience, Quality, Affordability, Equity, to meet consumer needs while balancing business value.

For Our Consumers

Exceptional OMNI experiences

We deliver end-to-end solutions and services that meet our consumers that will deliver the right care, at the right time, in the right place at the right price.

cx services

See How we can help

Don’t make the mistake of jumping right into solutions. We mitigate risk and create more value for our consumers by first understanding their needs. These insights then drive our solutions. We do this by learning fast and working together with your teams.

A strategy come to life


Tired of long Power Point-led meetings? We are too and we strive to make things simple and intuitive – similar to the experiences we want to provide to our consumers. We work shoulder-to-shoulder with your teams to prove value through doing the work with you. See how our work drives impact and value.

Kickstarting Change

A Strategic Partner

We partnered with Accenture’s Experience, Strategy, and Technology Practices to activate a Business of Experience (BX) transformation. BX is a new approach that brings BCBSMA leaders together as equal stakeholders to become indispensable to consumers by helping them achieve their purpose. This is not about investing more. It’s about investing differently.