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Business for transformative big bets

If customer experience is our center of gravity, then data and insights are our lifeblood.

Yet CX’s ability to infuse Voice of Customer (VOC) and insights to enable data-driven decisions is often limited and its participation in enterprise and initiative planning is often cursory.

This impacts the way research and analytics, customer mindsets, journey development, strategy, marketing, digital asset development, and experimentation are designed, executed and measured.

Experience can steer strategic investments into the right programs and products with the benefit of customer intelligence.

Delivering Experience Transformation

To activate your Business’ experience-led profitability:

  1. Use the XT Loop
  2. Activate existing and untracked metrics

1. Use the XT Loop

Imagine being able to directly track top and bottom-line performance of every initiative and understand how customer insights were driving them. This is the XT Loop. A measurement framework that rationalizes the data we need to know about our customers, products, and services aligned to the journey to track direct experience-driven impact.

The XT Loop is Accenture’s rationalized measurement framework for tying experience to top and bottom-line performance.

The XT Loop

2. Activating existing and untracked metrics

Leverage ethnographic research, key data sets, and trends analysis to arm your teams with robust, actionable consumer metrics and insights that inform prioritization, solutioning, and decision-making.

An XT Loop MVP


Product Experience Insights (PXI)

We take research insights and overlay them across the consumer’s journey to ensure they inform solution development and optimization.

During sprint-cycles, product metrics are tracked and funneled into a client’s project management tool to enable seamless optimization tasks for teams to tackle.

RIGHT: Built in Jira and Confluence.


Customer Experience Insights (CXI)

Our Insights Dashboard is aggregates and unifies key metrics to better inform strategies:

Metrics including Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), and First Call Resolution (FCR) are unified and rationalized for automation and integrated reporting.

Product Experience Insights are tied to these business metrics and are also aggregated into the dashboard.

RIGHT: Concept prototype, and built in Tableau.


Business Experience Insights (BXI)

The Insights Dashboard offers advanced capabilities to:

  • Track performance and scenario plan by customer segment
  • Correlate customer experience performance to bottom line impact
  • Provide drill down filtering capabilities to help plan and direct strategies

RIGHT: Concept prototype built in Figma.

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