Our Team

CX Measurements & Insights

Matthew Brouillard

Destine Levine

Julia Johnston-Ketterer


Ricardo De Marco Centeno

Patty Kaplinger

Christine Murphy

Ritesh Kochhar

CX Scalability & Training

Jen Rodstrom

Michelle Barbin

Administrative Support

Carmen Ortiz Velez

Project Deliverables

Discovery to Design to Define

How we get started and continue to deliver BX work through three phases: discover, design, and define.

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BX Path Forward

Here we envision the future-state and how to achieve it through a crawl / walk / run framework for: 1) the enterprise journey, 2) building capabilities, and 3) implementation of the CX op model.

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Executive Share-Out

Socialization document with summarized representations of the BX enterprise value proposition, emerging trends, next steps for BX activation, and more.

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BX Enablement Core Capabilities

Overview of powerful capabilities that BCBSMA can harness to create personalized member experiences across the entire journey.

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Macro and Micro Journey

Introduction to modernized consumer journey maps that enable a "BX Loop."

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Future State Op Model

The operating model brings the BX value proposition to life by changing how CX supports decision-making across all enterprise activities.

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