Kickstarting Change

Accenture as a Strategic Partner

For the past 20 years, customer-centricity has been narrowly defined as only a set of touch points. Today, customer-centricity is THE business driver. The catch? This is only brought to life through inclusive, holistic and thorough enterprise-wide cultural adoption.

We partnered with Accenture’s Experience, Strategy, and Technology Practices to activate a Business of Experience (BX) transformation. BX is a new approach that brings BCBSMA leaders together as equal stakeholders to become indispensable to customers by helping them achieve their purpose. This is not about investing more. It’s about investing differently.

Enterprise transformation is an overwhelming task, but we had the right steps and the right teams to unlock BX.

Over the course of a 15-week engagement we unlocked:

  • Concrete, usable human-centered practices for our employees
  • Measurement and activation of experience-led ROI for our business
  • Evolution and transformative customer experiences for our customers

1,000 ft - Leadership Teams

100 ft

10 ft

0 ft



1,000 ft

100 ft - Experience Teams

10 ft

0 ft



1,000 ft

100 ft

10 ft - Product & Service Teams

0 ft



BX - Business of Experience

At the 10,000 ft view, BX is the most invisible. These are tied to culture and are things employees feel, value and assume about about their organization.

Tags: Organization Designgovernance structuresCulturesValues

CX - Customer Experience

CX is a bit more tangible. These are declared values around purpose, mission and how to conduct user-centered work.

Tags: formalized CX practicesCX visionoperating modelstechnologies

PX - Product Experience

Most visible and immediate, at the 10ft view, is Product Experience, or PX. These are artifacts. The tools, processes, services and products that at delivered both internally and externally. Where people usually start because it is the most immediate.

Tags: productsArtifactsServices

With this framework we unlock: