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Organizational culture change unlocks XT

Companies have been working to become more customer-centric for years with mixed results.

A relentless drive to shift into a sustainable and equitable customer mindset to make informed decisions is what distinguishes companies that prevail from those who continue to struggle.

The biggest challenge is the inability for people and organizations to adapt to change while maintaining sustainable consensus.

XT functions as a catalyst for a much-needed cultural shift, aligning people and activities to common priorities and goals, while a new operating model can enable sharing and activating through insights.

Delivering Experience Transformation

To activate your Organization’s customer-driven practice:

  1. Align to an XT Framework
  2. Develop governance and an operating model
  3. Build competencies and ways of working

1. Align to an XT Framework

Every organization is made up of teams that have different perspectives and at different scales. To unlock innovation and deliver the right solutions we work to achieve this at three levels: Business of Experience (BX) for leaders; Customer Experience (CX) for departments; and Product Experience (PX) for customer solutions.

“In my 25 years, I’ve never seen such an amazing team deliver CX work to this level.”

Tonya Webster
CXO, BCBSMA (formally Comcast, CitiGroup, GE)

1,000 ft - Leadership Teams

100 ft

10 ft

0 ft

Business Experience


At the 10,000 ft view, BX is the most invisible. These are tied to culture and are things employees feel, value and assume about about their organization.

Tags: Founding valuesindustry valuesCultural valuesgovernance

1,000 ft

100 ft - Experience Teams

10 ft

0 ft

Customer Experience


CX is a bit more tangible. These are declared values around purpose, mission and how to conduct user-centered work.

Tags: work stylesorganization structuremissionpurpose

1,000 ft

100 ft

10 ft - Product & Service Teams

0 ft

Product Experience


Most visible and immediate, at the 10ft view, is Product Experience, or PX. These are artifacts. The tools, processes, services and products that at delivered both internally and externally. Where people usually start because it is the most immediate.

Tags: ToolsBusiness ProcessServicesProducts

2. Develop governance and an operating model

Align your governance and operating model across the customer journey to ensure that you have the right people, skillsets, and capabilities to deliver on your brand promise.

We work with you to develop the right Operating Model and deploy a phased approach to meet your organization’s needs.

3. Build competencies and ways of working

Build and scale the capacity for Human-Centered Design and LEAN start-up methodologies across functions. The goal being to deliver at speed, show real-time value, and evolve the approaches of your business partners.

Develop playbooks and repeatable frameworks while up-skilling CX competencies across the organization through a BX, CX, and PX lens.

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Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts