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Research & Insights

Utilize ethnographic research, data analytics, and trends analysis to arm your teams with robust, actionable consumer metrics and insights that inform prioritization, solutioning, and decision-making.

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Illustrate and inform key CX opportunity areas through consumer research, consumer and cultural data, and competitive and comparative examples for internal teams to act on.
Research and derived insights build a foundational understanding of our audiences and their needs, setting teams up for success in how to create an experience where we prove our purpose of showing-up as a Trusted Ally.
From proactive innovation to developing a baseline understanding of a consumer’s needs for a new project, research depicts the current state experience and informs the future vision for a given target audience to assist internal teams in making data-driven decisions on how to meet members where they are.

Assessments & Journeys

Understand consumer actions, needs, emotions, and touchpoints to uncover opportunities and pursue the right innovative solutions.

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Analyzing the current state to build a holistic view of the experience and inform the opportunities for a future state journey and vision.
To identify when, and why, to innovate the consumer experience through correlations in data, and visualizing consistencies for the broader CX team. We also gain the ability to better track performance and allow for more informed decision making across CX teams.
These processes allow internal teams to gauge opportunity areas across the journey while imbuing empathy for consumers as future optimizations are implemented - impacting the experience and the BCBSMA’s bottom-line.

CX Sprints & Workshops

Design-led activation across your strategies, services, and products with agility and speed to meet your business goals and exceed consumer expectations.

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A formalized process focused on a strategy, product, or service where cross-functional teams align on objectives and co-create outputs. This process allows us to reimagine experiences, activate new opportunities, and augment existing offerings resulting in tangible business and consumer impact.
We align the business goals of a strategy, product, or service to the consumer’s needs to ensure overall enterprise impact and a consistent consumer experience, both through immediate actions and future state vision.
  1. A strategy, product, or service is identified as a priority.
  2. CX and business determine long-term and immediate goals for sprint(s).
  3. CX and business co-scope the work and deliverables while bringing in a cross-functional team.
  4. Sprint kicks-off inclusive of workshop(s) and demos.
  5. At the end of the sprint, team facilitates share-out and retrospective.
  6. Cross-functional team determines next steps.

We modernized consumer journey maps

To enable a BX Loop

Macro Journeys

The Macro-journey we have built is not only an empathy tool, but a way to measure BCBSMA's impact on the member journey. By mapping metrics that measure the success of consumer actions, the Macro-journey allows us to understand CX’s direct impact on the business.

Micro Journeys

We have taken components of journey and service blueprint frameworks to build a micro-journey into an existing tool, Jira/Confluence. By building these components in existing tools, our aim is to increase adoption of CX insights while tracking the impact of the solutions.

What does our work look like?

BX impact to top and bottom-line performance

Imagine being able to directly track top and bottom-line performance to every initiative and understanding how consumer insights were driving them. This is the ecosystem we have started to bring to life.


what we built

Consumer insights feed into Micro-Journeys that inform and are tracked in Pod sprint work (Jira/Confluence).


what we built

The data collected in each initiative are tied to existing CX metrics (NPS, CSAT, FCR) and are aggregated into the Macro-Journey which can function as an enterprise data dashboard.


what we built

Like all tools consumer journeys are only useful if people use them, so we developed prototypes and concepts that are implementable in existing tools. We are only scratching the surface of a powerful BX enterprise ecosystem that properly measures, tracks, and directs leadership’s decisions for BCBSMA.

Aligning on a common language

Journey Map

A Journey Map is a visualization of the process that a consumer goes through in order to accomplish a goal. It is a sequence of user actions that narrates an experience. It’s often used to drive empathy for those that are the recipients of your products, services and experiences.

Service blueprint

A blueprint of interactive aspects from front-of-house considerations to back-end implications (ex. Micro Journeys in Jira).

Journey Actions

A member’s behavior and/or a decision point for taking action.


A moment in the Journey Action that can be broken into smaller touchpoints and implications.


Moments and mediums that BCBSMA can interact directly with members, exist within Events.


A project management tool being repurposed as an intuitive learning tool to better understanding members and aid in situational modeling.


A large user story that can be broken down into smaller user stories and stretch over multiple sprints, teams, and projects.


Interactions, requirements, requests from the consumer’s point of view that ladder up to the Epic.


Development needs to successfully implement event.

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